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Pulp Paperback Art: Herb Montgomery’s “Loretta”

Part of the SEX & DESSERT Fantastic Forgotten Pulp Artwork Collection: the lurid pulp paperback art of Herb Montgomery's "Loretta" was classified as "adult reading."

Part of the SEX & DESSERT Fantastic Forgotten Pulp Artwork Collection: the lurid cover of Herb Montgomery’s “Loretta” was classified as “adult reading.”

We last wrote about Burt Hirschfeld’s “Diana,” where a rising wannabe Hollywood starlet is trapped inside a “flesh peddling” story line. This entry is in league as contender for king of all things trashy. The pulp paperback art on Herb Montgomery’s 1962, 60-cent pulp paperback has a shapely, scantily clad women on her knees wearing a lacy black push-up bra and hot pink, unzipped low-rise skirt hiked up to mid thigh. (The matching hot pink earrings and lipstick are a nice touch.)

We speculate that the terms “ravaged,” “member” and “thrust” show up in about equal fevered measure. Many of these covers hint at gang-bang fantasies, submission and domination scenes, and this one is blatant with more than a hint of menace: looming over “Loretta” is a young man in a cheap suit with an open palm raised as if he’s about to strike her, or grab her. “Loretta”‘s pained, grotesque expression suggests terror rather than titillation. If you’re on the fence and not sure what story erupts beneath the big red title of Montgomery’s novel, the book copy is, shall we say, less than ambiguous:

“I was surrounded by men, all making demands. A thousand hands seemed to be reaching for my body. They demanded that I love them all, one by one!”

Clocking in at 128 pages, a good used copy of this scarce pulp title sells for about $20 bucks today. The cover artist is unknown.

The market was flooded with hundreds of these quick-and-dirty knock-offs, replete with garish covers, flap copy oozing with the prurient glow of Confidential Magazine (hey, these guys knew their audience) and hour-glass-shaped dames named “Stacy,” “Lisa,” or “Kelly,” each with something wanton in the eyes. Check out more artwork in our burgeoning collection of Fantastic Forgotten Pulp Paperback Art Covers.