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SLIDE SHOW: “Snow Vixens” Behind the Scenes

A compilation of photographs
behind the bawdy modern  romance. 

Consider this a glimpse into the ideas and imagery behind SNOW VIXENS. A companion to the work, as is the playlist created. We encourage you to listen as you flip through the show. One more thing: we should warn there are explicit scenes both in the book and this slide show and probably NSFW.  It is, after all, a ribald experience. 

Enjoy! And let us know what you think.

If you've read the book, this is likely a shocking reminder of a sequence that tipped out of hand with three of the vixens at a club. If you haven't read it yet, why not take a listen to the Snow Vixens Playlist while you cruise this slide show? A companion piece to the book, it truly captures the tone of the story. 

This is one of the lifts in Park City the women might have taken to get to the first runs.  A radiant morning can heal many a night's foibles.  (But not all of them.)

Brigit was captivated (and who wouldn't be?) by the sheer audacity of some of the skiers. One in particular...

From the SNOW VIXENS slide show. Listen to the SNOW VIXENS Playlist and buy the book!

These Danger Signs mean business.  Notice the skull? People that want to ski the "backcountry" are duly warned, with barking reminders, about the risk. But, life only has true meaning when we're able to take risks. This is a pivotal moment. 

Whether you ski or not, you can see that this is spectacular, but also a choice that will probably leave permanent marks. In some form or another. Joy? Pain? Which one?

The sumptuous skier decided to try something on for size, like the man in the image before her. It's difficult to look this good doing something radically dangerous. This is how our lead character feels. This is her mindset.  (Just a note: there are no bikini clad skiers int his story.  But there is nudity.) 

In a private moment, this is one of the many gorgeous nudes by Rodin featured. (No spoilers.)  

The setting, Park City,  in glittery, luminous quiet. If you're open, magical things (can) happen here.  

We don't want to explain too much. But every element has its place and is unique to this story.  

...Like THIS, you might be shuddering. "Saturday Night Fever." The meaning will be revealed. 

Photographs play a big role in the story. (No spoilers.) This is a striking image. Andy Warhol memorializing Mic Jagger (who looks a tag jagged). Though they are not actually in the story, this is window dressing for a larger point in the narrative.

The music in this story is every bit a character in its own right. Stevie belongs here, and Lady Gaga and Radiohead and...

This 19th Century Antique Minature Steamer Trunk  holds the key to a signature turning point in the story.  A beauty holding an unexpectant power.

More gorgeous tastes and trappings from the scenes between Brigit and a ski patrolman during their mysterious night.

Another of Rodin's Nudes. It is explicit and sensual and may leave some a bit shaky or breathless. This is the point.  A celebration. [NSFW]

There is a powerful live version of Fleetwood Mac's The Chain  on the Snow Vixen's Playlist. Worth it.   

What exactly is Andy Warhol doing in this? And what is that woman doing?  Fair question. This is more period reference, for a different period referenced, which, when you read SNOW VIXENS, will tie it all together.

A pristine  copy of Benjamin Britten's "War Requiem." Rare. Majestic. Ridiculous. Genius! 

A silver gypsy belly chain.  It's close enough to the jewelry piece introduced by a character. An exact replica was quite impossible.  

Yet another of Rodin's nudes.  It has probably dawned on the reader (and if you've read the Amazon review, you are already aware) that there are many sensual threads running through this piece. 

This gentleman is Chet Baker and he's featured on the Playlist. We can't tell you more, as he's integral to a surprise in the story. But, please have a listen.  

SNOW VIXENS, a bawdy romance by Cavanaugh Bardo. Listen to the SNOW VIXENS Playlist and buy the book!
We hope you have enjoyed this little excursive into the making of the novella. All the parts fit. Truly. The book is available in all eStores. You can grab a copy at Amazon, iBooks and Barnes and Noble.

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